Authlogics provide a simple but robust Password Security Management (PSM) solution that complies with NIST, NCSC, CMMC, GDPR, and other digital identity guidelines. It uses a combination of custom blacklists, rules engine, heuristic scanning, and the Password Breach Database to reject weak and known breached passwords. The PSM has the unique feature of detecting and protecting against shared passwords, raising automatic alerts, and remediating Active Directory user accounts by forcing a change at login or disabling the account.

The end-user has the power to manage their account through the Self Service Portal, resetting their passwords and unlocking their account in the situation where passwords are breached. The portal focuses on the compliance status of the password against the policy and not the “strength”. Resetting passwords is further secured with the built-in One Time Code protection as standard.

With the same passwords being used for both work and personal accounts, hackers can use varying forms of cyberattacks ranging from credential stuffing to phishing attacks resulting in corporate data breaches. Authlogics offer an AD Password Security Audit which will assess the password vulnerability of your Active Directory and provide you with a comprehensive management report and detailed spreadsheets to support this evidence that you can easily understand and action.

The benefits of an AD Password Security Audit include:

·        Locate known breached passwords

·        Find accounts sharing the same password

·        Takes minutes, not days – no brute-forcing

·        Per user spreadsheet breakdown

·        Credential Audit and Risk report

·        Find people using AD passwords on social media

·        Passwords & hashes never leave your network

·        NIST SP 800-63B compliance status

Reports, data, and analytics are sourced from the established Password Breached Database consisting of over 520 million clear text passwords and over 2 billion credentials that Authlogics holds.

In summary, Authlogics delivers award-winning IT solutions for password security management and replacement as well as Multi-Factor Authentication technologies. The Authlogics Authentication Suite provides a dynamic passwordless login experience for end- users and can be installed in the Cloud for remote working as well as on-premises. Simplify your password policies, reduce your helpdesk costs, and avoid complex ever-changing password requirements that are focused on strength rather than security.

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