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CSS – CyberWhite Support Service

The CyberWhite Support Service (CSS) offers you a cost-effective way of increasing your security knowledge base without the need to invest in additional staff.

What is the Cyberwhite Support Service

What Is The CyberWhite Support Service?

Today, businesses are expected to be increasingly agile and dynamic, delivering higher levels of service to their clients and value to their stakeholders.

In the background, the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve with new threats emerging daily.

Today cyber criminals are focusing on, and taking advantage of the increased opportunities presented through hybrid working.

As more and more people work from home, the attack surface of most organisations increases.

Bespoke Risk Mitigation

Our experience in developing bespoke risk mitigation strategies, tailored to suit your organisation, enables us to work in partnership with you, supporting you to secure your most critical information assets.

The CyberWhite Support Service (CSS) offers you a cost-effective way of increasing your security knowledge base without the need to invest in additional staff.

All of this is supported by our own in-house project management team.

What Do I Get Access To?

By engaging CyberWhite, you gain access to a wide variety of subject matter experts with skills ranging from governance, risk and compliance, vulnerability management and penetration testing through to technical security architects.

Our security experts can be called on at any time to deliver anything. This includes ad-hoc advice on something as simple as patching through to the delivery of large-scale projects such as ISO27001:2022.

We also have product security specialists who are familiar with most major security technologies, many holding product-specific certifications.

Benefits Of The CyberWhite Support Service

Access to an extensive network of support specialists
Strategic security and infrastructure advice, aligned with key business objectives
Balanced plans, taking into account the corporate risk appetite
Complimentary service to support your existing team
Highly scalable to meet unexpected demand including acquisitions
Designed to encompass the areas that are important to you

Each CyberWhite Support Service is unique.

The selected services will be aligned to your business requirements, and strategic objectives and mapped against your organisational risk appetite.

How We Support You

Each element is maintained by on-site support, delivering active recommendations for improvements.

Where required we also source appropriate technologies, building them specifically for you; including deploying, configuring and supporting them. It doesn’t stop at technologies. You will also have access to our comprehensive knowledge base covering areas as diverse as risk management, personal information management, Cyber Essentials and ISO27001.

In addition to the technologies and services, we can also provide staff on short, medium and long term contracts.


Why Choose CyberWhite?

With the Cyber Support Service from CyberWhite, we become an extension of your organisation, allowing you to focus solely on the strategic business objectives of your organisation.

Hear from our clients on why they selected us to be their security partner.

Our Clients

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    What Our Clients Say

    “CyberWhite have been a pleasure to deal with by repeatedly demonstrating their professionalism and technical knowledge throughout the procurement process and execution of our project. From initially exploring our goals to a consultant working with us on-site and remotely, we’ve enjoyed a positive experience that has ultimately benefited our organisation and helped to improve our Cyber Security posture.”

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    Head of Network and Infrastructure

    View our video Testimonial from Clear Links by Gerard Norris, Central Operations Manager

    Gerard Norris, Central Operations Manager

    View our video Testimonial from Hays Travel by Ken Campling, Group Finance Director

    Ken Campling, Group Finance Director

    “I would like to say a thousand “thank you’s” to CyberWhite after rescuing us from the commercial disaster we faced after being subjected to a very sophisticated fraud. Without the timely involvement and expertise from CyberWhite, we would undoubtedly have faced catastrophic consequences including a significant financial loss and possibly a forced closure of the business. We will always remember the kindness and professional approach taken by the CyberWhite team. They were able to successfully recover the critical data which was the life blood of our business. This expertise has allowed us to continue trading and provided us with the additional benefits of ensuring that we are more cyber risk aware and we now have a security partner to support us.”

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    Jon Moore, Director

    Our video Testimonial from Mental Health Concern (NHS) by Lawrence Thompson, Head of IT

    Lawrence Thompson, Head of IT

    “As an Operator of Essential Services, PX Group comply with advice provided by recognised security bodies such as NCSC. The advice is relevant to all organisations who provide infrastructure or support to the UK’s critical national infrastructure. PX Group engaged CyberWhite to undertake Third Party Security Audits (aligned to ISO28000:2007) against key suppliers who had access to information assets within the PX Group domain. CyberWhite created a comprehensive audit document set and supported this with interviews and visits in order to validate responses. The output from CyberWhite was comprehensive and provided security assurance to PX Groups stakeholders and interested parties that the key suppliers had a focus on security and understood and could demonstrate best practices in relation to the handling of PX Groups information assets. This process has been invaluable in validating what we believed and providing a platform from which we will continue to assess, review and benchmark all parties in our information supply chain.”

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    Lee Farrow, ICT Network & Security Specialist