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Whether it’s protecting your organisation from phishing attempts or other data breaches, or demonstrating compliance with heightened regulatory requirements, CyberWhite delivers the security controls and expertise you need to run a continuous, comprehensive cyber security program.
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Why Partner with CyberWhite?

24 hours a day and seven days a week, we support clients irrespective of sector, size, or location.

We deliver information security advisory services, risk mitigation strategies and technical solutions to protect information within organisations.

We deliver innovative services, tailored to suit specific organisational requirements and risk profiles. We then map these against the appetite to address identified risks, providing a fully managed support network to ensure successful a project outcome.

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Our Latest Resources

Here we discuss everything from cyber security news and knowledge updates to the latest technology and events.

What is network testing?

Many businesses will test their network to make sure it’s functioning properly and providing the right level of service for users. It therefore serves to guarantee working efficiency for internal processes and, where products and services are sold online, ensure a smooth customer experience. However, network testing is also important for business cyber security.   In […]

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How to conduct a self-assessment for cyber essentials

Cyber essentials is a government-backed scheme designed to support the development of all UK businesses. Nevertheless, there are various requirements for organisations to meet the level of cyber security outlined by cyber essentials. Business leaders must then prove that they have taken steps to improve their cyber security infrastructure by submitting an official self-assessment.   In […]

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How ISO27001 2022 protects against data breaches

The ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. As new threats continue to emerge and existing ones evolve, meeting ISO 27001 standards become increasingly relevant for businesses in all sectors. It is designed to provide a framework for implementing an effective information security management system (ISMS). This helps protect against online threats, most […]

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Differences between threat hunting and threat detection

When it comes to dealing with cyber security threats, there are many strategies that can be employed and approaches that can be taken. Two of the most widely recognised today are threat hunting and threat detection. It might seem like these practices come hand in hand, however, there are some important distinctions that set them […]

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Who needs to be SOC2 compliant?

SOC2 is an important topic in the current security landscape, with many businesses making the decision to become SOC2 compliant. This can be very beneficial to businesses in various industries that provide services and systems to clients. In this article, we’ll be detailing what it means to be compliant and who should consider SOC2 for […]

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What’s the difference between a security breach and a data breach?

The terms security breach and data breach are often used interchangeably, and whilst they both will typically occur in the same incident, they don’t always, and they have specific meanings. It is beneficial to have a good understanding of what each type of breach means, so your business can respond effectively if/when either a security […]

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What is a Yubico security key?

As a business, effectively managing your passwords, access to sensitive information, and overall online security is essential. When it comes to securing accounts, two-factor authentication has become a widely used method of maintaining a high level of protection. Two-factor authentication often uses methods like texting a code to a phone number as identity confirmation. But […]

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Remote Working Security Risks and Tips

Working remotely has become a popular model for many businesses since the coronavirus pandemic. Fully remote or hybrid working can be a useful way to save money and boost productivity. However, the reliance on our devices and technology when working from home can come with inherent risks and vulnerabilities businesses should be aware of. In […]

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What is the dark web and how does KELA help?

The internet of today is a near endless resource for businesses and consumers. Although it wasn’t always this way, and the way we browse the web has changed drastically since its early years. One of the most controversial developments has been the creation of the dark web. While it is still a relatively new concept, […]

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What is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials and how do they differ?

In the UK there are two main cyber security certifications available for organisations – the ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. Both serve to indicate that the certificate holder is cyber secure to a certain level, which can yield business benefits. However, many professionals argue each represents different standards of cyber security.  Here, we’ll discuss the […]

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What constitutes a breach of data protection?

Data protection breaches are a risk to any business that’s responsible for handling people’s personal data. This includes employees’ as well as members of the public, although the more data that’s processed, the greater the risk. You may have seen some high profile data breaches in the news, such as the MOVEit hack that targeted […]

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What are some common cyber security threats facing businesses?

The landscape of cyber security has shifted drastically in recent years. With every innovative comes new opportunities for cyber criminals to attempt to gain access to business systems. Artificial intelligence, for instance, has been used to bring outdated methods of cyber attack back to the frontlines. Indeed, this is one reason cyber security threats for […]

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What is a common indicator of a phishing attempt?

Defending your organisation from phishing attacks is a constant struggle. This is because cyber criminals are always using different tactics to try and dupe your employees. Regardless of the exact motive behind a phishing attempt, the worst-case scenario can cause a vast amount of damage to the business. The result can be data breaches, leading […]

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Penetration testing vs ethical hacking

More and more high-profile organisations are being hit with cyber-attacks and data breaches. At the start of June, it was the BBC, Boots, British Airways, and Air Lingus. At the time of writing, digital health company Kannact Inc has had their network server breached, affecting over 100,000 users. With big players being affected, small and […]

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Why are data protection solutions important?

With online spaces being as highly trafficked as they are, it’s not surprising that many companies exist solely to gather user data. Other businesses will process and store consumer data to help direct their operations. In either case, this creates more opportunities for sensitive data to be accessed by criminals through cyber-attacks.  In this blog […]

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Common cyber security mistakes employees make

The people that make up a business are arguably the most important factor when it comes to cyber security. The most advanced software-based security measures can be rendered useless when employees unwittingly grant criminals access. As a result, a large proportion of cyber-attacks today target the human parts of an organisation’s security infrastructure.  In this […]

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Everything you need to know about Ironscales

Self-learning technologies are the next step in cyber security consulting for businesses. Ironscales utilises machine learning to provide email security services that protect against the more advanced threats of today. It is, therefore, a popular option for mid and large sized organisations that gather lots of valuable information, either internally or about their customer base. […]

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How does Galaxkey work?

Now more than ever the process of secure communications within businesses is vitally important. Since the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of businesses have adopted a hybrid working model or even fully remote. This means staff need to rely more heavily on digital communication with each other to carry out their work and ensure smooth […]

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What is cloud native security?

Modern application development techniques are constantly innovating, which is a good thing for streamlining and making things easier for businesses working digitally. However, it also creates new challenges for security teams to keep up with. Cloud-native technologies have expedited the production process, but traditional security models are not equipped to handle the complexities of these […]

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Why is cloud penetration testing important?

Today, more businesses than ever use external computing infrastructure like cloud services to support their operations. It allows businesses to save money and scale operations without investing in physical infrastructure. While this is useful, it also creates another avenue which for malicious parties to exploit. As such, in cyber security it’s important that organisations have […]

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Our Services

As a Cyber Security specialist, we have a complete suite of industry leading solutions including;

CSS – CyberWhite Support Service

The CyberWhite Support Service (CSS) offers you a cost-effective way of increasing your security knowledge base without the need to invest in additional staff.
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Penetration Testing

Our experts will help you understand how effective your cyber security strategy is in four key areas via penetration, network, cloud and application testing.
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Cyber Essentials – CE/CE Plus

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme, led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.
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What Our Clients Say

“CyberWhite have been a pleasure to deal with by repeatedly demonstrating their professionalism and technical knowledge throughout the procurement process and execution of our project. From initially exploring our goals to a consultant working with us on-site and remotely, we’ve enjoyed a positive experience that has ultimately benefited our organisation and helped to improve our Cyber Security posture.”

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Head of Network and Infrastructure

View our video Testimonial from Clear Links by Gerard Norris, Central Operations Manager

Gerard Norris, Central Operations Manager

View our video Testimonial from Hays Travel by Ken Campling, Group Finance Director

Ken Campling, Group Finance Director

“I would like to say a thousand “thank you’s” to CyberWhite after rescuing us from the commercial disaster we faced after being subjected to a very sophisticated fraud. Without the timely involvement and expertise from CyberWhite, we would undoubtedly have faced catastrophic consequences including a significant financial loss and possibly a forced closure of the business. We will always remember the kindness and professional approach taken by the CyberWhite team. They were able to successfully recover the critical data which was the life blood of our business. This expertise has allowed us to continue trading and provided us with the additional benefits of ensuring that we are more cyber risk aware and we now have a security partner to support us.”

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Jon Moore, Director

Our video Testimonial from Mental Health Concern (NHS) by Lawrence Thompson, Head of IT

Lawrence Thompson, Head of IT

“As an Operator of Essential Services, PX Group comply with advice provided by recognised security bodies such as NCSC. The advice is relevant to all organisations who provide infrastructure or support to the UK’s critical national infrastructure. PX Group engaged CyberWhite to undertake Third Party Security Audits (aligned to ISO28000:2007) against key suppliers who had access to information assets within the PX Group domain. CyberWhite created a comprehensive audit document set and supported this with interviews and visits in order to validate responses. The output from CyberWhite was comprehensive and provided security assurance to PX Groups stakeholders and interested parties that the key suppliers had a focus on security and understood and could demonstrate best practices in relation to the handling of PX Groups information assets. This process has been invaluable in validating what we believed and providing a platform from which we will continue to assess, review and benchmark all parties in our information supply chain.”

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Lee Farrow, ICT Network & Security Specialist

Do you know how secure your systems are?

Please use the form below to contact our experts about our cyber security health check service.

We have a wide range of industry leading cyber security tools at our disposal. But first we will identify any vulnerabilities, specify our recommended solutions, then help you prioritise an effective schedule to greatly reduce your cyber risk exposure.

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    CyberWhite News

    CyberWhite team, events and community news
    7 August 2023

    CyberWhite’s Path to Net Zero

    At CyberWhite, we are determined to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. The video below showcases our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint significantly: Embracing Renewable Energy: We aim to minimise reliance on fossil fuels by investing in solar power. Green Transportation Solutions: Shifting to electric vehicles and encouraging remote work to cut down commuting […]

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    20 June 2023

    David Horn speaks on recent data breach at top UK organisations

    At the end of May, 8 of the biggest organisations in the UK were hit with a cyber-attack exposing thousands of employees’ bank and personal data through their payroll system. So far only 3 of the companies have been named in the data breach: British Airways, Boots, and the BBC, with no official confirmation on […]

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    2 May 2023

    Partnership with Vianet Group PLC

    CyberWhite Ltd announces partnerships with Vianet Group PLC and px Group for 3-year agreement’s to provide cyber security advice and support. David Horn and Matthew Hewison of CyberWhite met with px’s Mark Willis and Vianet’s Thom Menzies, to discuss how working closely together over the coming months and years will not only benefit businesses in […]

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    25 May 2022

    CyberWhite Open New HQ

    CyberWhite are pleased to annouce the opening of their new HQ in Sunderland.

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    20 August 2021

    Meet the neighbours – Northern Spire Ltd

    We were delighted this week to appear in Wear Business as they ran a featured article Northern Spire ltd, welcoming CyberWhite as business neighbours in Defender Court. Northern Spire specialise in providing a wide range of financial services and operate as a senior partner practice of St James’s Place Wealth Management. CyberWhite’s relationship with Northern […]

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    5 August 2021

    CEO Sleepout – Fundraising Total

    CEO SLEEPOUT – FUNDRAISING UPDATE You may remember earlier in the year that our Director, Matt Hewison took part in the CEO Sleepout event in Middlesbrough city centre. We can now inform you that the event raised a phenomenal c£21,800.00!!! Over 40 people bedded down at Middlesbrough Town Hall in the pouring rain, to raise […]

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    25 July 2021

    Weekly Round Up 19th – 23rd July

    Welcome CyberWhite followers to our latest week in review.  We’d like to first of all thank all of our current and new followers. It means a great deal to us that our security advice is able to reach you. It would be fantastic if you could lend us a helping hand simply by liking our […]

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    8 July 2021

    New Middlesbrough office for cyber security firm

    Middlesbrough Mayor, Andy Preston with CyberWhite directors Matt Hewison and David Horn CyberWhite, an established provider of cyber security and cyber risk mitigation solutions for business, has opened a new office in Middlesbrough’s Boho Zone. The technology solutions provider is proud to be at the centre of a number of key local developments for the […]

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    24 May 2021

    CyberWhite’s Week in Review – 17 May to 21 May

    We’d like to take a moment of your time and share with you what CyberWhite have been up to during the last week in case you’ve missed any of our activities. Please click the button below to download our week in review.  We hope you enjoy it.  Any questions, please get in touch. Click here […]

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    18 May 2021

    Businesses urge local authorities to take action

    A group of North East businesses has written to the newly elected police and crime commissioner for Cleveland to call on him to put tackling fraud at the heart of his agenda as increasing numbers of people and businesses are targeted. Active Chartered Financial Planners, a Stockton-based finance specialist, Cyberwhite, a cyber security specialist with […]

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    4 March 2021

    Budget 2021

    We’re sure you’ve all been keeping up to date with the 2021 Budget unveiled by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the House of Commons.  As we look ahead to life on the other side of the pandemic, the Chancellor released several initiatives that look to have a hugely positive impact on the North East, and in particular, the Tees valley region. As a growing business […]

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    11 August 2020

    CyberWhite Newsletter Summer 2020

    Summer is officially here and so is our much anticipated Summer 2020 Newsletter This edition contains a fantastic interview with industry veteran Bruce Hockin, Channel Sales Director from Arcserve plus interviews with our very own Jemma Cavana-Cole and Charlotte Topping. You can also find out more about what we’ve been up to during lockdown including […]

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    4 August 2020

    Finalist in the ‘Small Business of the Year’

    We are delighted to announce that CyberWhite Ltd has been named as a finalist in the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category in the upcoming UK Social Mobility Awards. CyberWhite Ltd is committed to making a difference and we are incredibly humbled to have our efforts recognised in these flagship awards.

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    4 August 2020

    CyberWhite Sponsors Young Teesside Cricketers

    CyberWhite, a cybersecurity firm based in Seaham, is sponsoring Saltburn Cricket Club Under 13s following a disturbed start to the season due to COVID 19. Matt Hewison, chief operating officer of the firm, has been coach and manager of the team for the past two seasons, and wanted to increase his support of the club […]

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