Self-learning technologies are the next step in cyber security consulting for businesses. Ironscales utilises machine learning to provide email security services that protect against the more advanced threats of today. It is, therefore, a popular option for mid and large sized organisations that gather lots of valuable information, either internally or about their customer base.

In this blog, we’ll break down what Ironscales is, how it works, and why it can be beneficial to your business’s cyber security.

What is Ironscales?

Ironscales is an email security system that provides a range of cyber security solutions. It’s designed to detect and prevent attacks like business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), VIP impersonation, and phishing. Using Ironscales allows a business to protect their assets, employees, and sensitive data even after an attack gets past any Secure Email Gateways.

As Ironscales uses multiple technologies, it functions as both a pre-emptive measure and a way to scan for emails within user mailboxes. Admins are subsequently able to remove threats manually and instruct others on how to identify and block cybersecurity attacks.

How does Ironscales work?

Ironscales combines artificial intelligence with human detection and real-time anti-virus engines to provide high-end email protection. The Ironscales security system functions in the following ways:

  • Impersonation protection: suspicious emails are marked with banners that make them easy to identify. When business emails are compromised, this allows for a rapid response through the analysis of meta-data.
  • Threat intelligence: cloud-based software that includes a range of anti-virus and sandboxing engines.
  • Themis: machine learning collects data on user email patterns to detect spoofing and phishing.
  • Incident response: identifies senders in real-time using AI. Fingerprinting technology automatically checks employee inboxes.
  • Phishing simulations: provides premium training to help individuals recognise and report fraudulent messages. Helps strengthen your business’s security by raising awareness.

Combining these various technologies and processes allows Ironscales to protect against security threats at multiple stages. For example, in a BEC attack, the illegitimate party might try to work their way through less senior members of staff to dupe those higher up, who have access to more sensitive information. Ironscales protection puts measures in place to stop potentially malicious messages from ever reaching the inboxes of senior employees.

What is Phishing and how can it create security risks?

Phishing is a form of fraud whereby a party impersonates another to induce individuals into revealing valuable information. This can be usernames, network credentials, passwords, credit card numbers and more. Phishing can lead to data leaks, malware corruption and account loss, all of which are very costly for businesses large or small.

What is Spear Phishing? This is when attackers take a more targeted approach, making references to company and employee information. Spear phishing emails are therefore usually more convincing than others.

A phishing attack is notoriously difficult for cybersecurity technologies to defend against because it often doesn’t use malicious software. As a result, URL sandboxing and anti-virus measures have no effect. However, Ironscales solves this problem with its use of artificial intelligence technology. It considers the time the email was sent, its contents, sender location, the user’s name and more. This, combined with human detection, allows for the efficient identification of potential phishing emails.

For details of other industry terms, please visit our glossary.

The benefits of Ironscales for businesses

Ease of use

The Ironscales system works on all devices. Admins are also able to manage operations effectively from a single dashboard. This lets them view email threat reports, end users, and monitor how Ironscales’ anti-virus engines are working in real-time. The latter is especially useful for threat analysis.

Protection on multiple fronts

Ironscales includes sandboxing, anti-virus software, and machine learning and AI to prevent email users from attack. These combine to create multiple layers of protection. The result is a quicker response time and greater prevention powers for admins. Furthermore, Ironscales aids in internal threat prevention by stopping malicious emails from being delivered all together.

User training

Security awareness training with the use phishing email simulations is highly effective at improving employee resilience. Admins are free to customise any aspect of example emails, thereby creating ‘levels’ of difficulty that employees can be tested against. Those who qualify as more highly trained can then be given further permissions, such as the ability to manually report and remove malicious emails. This is beneficial for large organisations, as it allows employees to take cybersecurity into their own hands. Ironscale training materials can consist of videos, quizzes and presentations, as well as written information on identifying security risks.

Security risk Specialists

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