Now more than ever the process of secure communications within businesses is vitally important. Since the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of businesses have adopted a hybrid working model or even fully remote. This means staff need to rely more heavily on digital communication with each other to carry out their work and ensure smooth operations for the business. However, there is also a greater risk of a potential cyber-attack or human error and ultimately sensitive data to your business being exposed. This is where Galaxkey comes in.

What is Galaxkey?

Galaxkey is a highly secure, encryption platform that is designed to protect your data and increase security in your business. The main objectives of Galaxkey are to help organisations secure their emails and documents and provide secure collaboration.

  • Emails – the platform provides an email encryption that is easy to use and protects your emails, messages, attachments, and files, with strict security features.
  • Documents – files are fully protected at all times, whether they are being shared, at rest and in storage, regardless of the type and size of the files. This allows you to safeguard your sensitive data in a secure and compliant way.
  • Collaboration – your team can feel confident collaborating and sharing with internal and external users with full protection and control over your data through Galaxkey

So how does Galaxkey work?

Galaxkey products all work off the same model of identity-based encryption. This means that all users are required to present the requested identity and authorisation before they can access sensitive pieces of data each time, they use it. You can set this up ahead of any data access whether it’s an email, workspace, or document. It all depends on the specific needs of your business and how you want your operations and communications to work.

By restricting access to only those with the correct identity authorisation it gives business owners the freedom and peace of mind to have users on multiple different devices and platforms in any area of the world without compromising security. You’ll also be able to be more flexible if you want to adapt how you work to a more hybrid and remote model. With that in mind, Galaxkey’s products are some of the most powerful and effective data security tools on the market.

Understanding identity-based encryption

As mentioned above, identity-based encryption is at the core of Galaxkey, which is why it’s important to understand what this type of encryption is and how it works in practice. With Galaxkey, your information is encrypted at its source and can only be decrypted at the destination. Making it a completely end-to-end encryption solution.

What does this mean? Well, when users register with Galaxkey they will get a unique Identity. This Galaxkey Identity is used to encrypt the communication and sharing platforms discussed earlier. It will consist of two mathematical keys associated with an email address.

One key will be needed for encryption and the other for decryption. The encryption key is used to allow access to anyone you want to share data with using Galaxkey products. The decryption key is protected with your Galaxkey password and can only be accessed after successful authentication has been carried out.

As you can see, controlling the data is fully in your hands. There are no stored passwords with Galaxkey, the platform is designed to be as secure as possible for the user. The Identity of you as the user will be protected by Galaxkey with all the information being secured within an encrypted packet.

All of Galaxkey’s products feature a three-layered encryption design, meaning each layer must be removed before you can get to the information at the centre. The model is extremely effective, with Galaxkey being nearly impossible to penetrate by potential cyber criminals.

What makes Galaxkey different from similar products/services?

Galaxkey prides itself on standing out from the competition and putting its users at the forefront of everything they do. Below are the key ways Galaxkey is different from other products on the market:

  • Easy usability – usability is vital when it comes to this type of product, if businesses cannot easily implement and use something effectively it can’t be successful. Galaxkey makes the process simple for users, allowing them to secure documents and emails without having to exchange a number of keys and passwords.
  • Works on multiple different communication methods – whether you’re sending a sensitive email or sharing files, Galaxkey encrypts several platforms to ensure safe working across all your staff.
  • Management – it’s the only platform that gives you total control over the encryption keys. There’s no catch or sneaky backdoors, you’re in charge.
  • Compliance – maximising all the features Galaxkey has to offer will help you to stay compliant. Stay on top of GDPR and all other data requirements with a way to control, reference, time, and audit data.
  • Layered encryption – Galaxkey’s encryption model is layered like an onion. It is pretty much impossible to get through the encryption without the right authentication.
  • No passwords stored – no matter how secure some products claim to be, there is always a risk with password storage and users having to relinquish a bit of control. Galaxkey doesn’t work in this way, they will never keep any of your passwords.


Interested in implementing Galaxkey into your business? Our team of cyber security experts can help. We take the time to get to know your business and understand your needs fully to ensure the platform will work as effectively as possible for you.

If you’re not fully confident in the digital security of your business contact us today to request a cyber security audit. By using our specialists to carry out an audit you can learn where the potential gaps in your security are and how you can fix them, e.g., Galaxkey is the best solution if you want to make your communications and data sharing more secure. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, we’re on hand to help.